Sam Van Hulle 3D artist


These demos contain material from commercially released motion pictures. They were created with permission from the copyright holders, but they are password protected for obvious reasons. More content is available on my portfolio.


I try to keep my portfolio as up to date as possible, taking into account what I can and cannot share with the world. Feel free to take a look - it's hosted on ArtStation →

About me

I’m a 3D artist from Ghent, Belgium, currently working as a lighting artist at Grid.
Working on getting my name out there in the animation industry, I actually love doing pretty much anything creative. My passion is to capture moods and emotions in anything that can be considered art - and though my medium of choice happens to be digital 3D, I also love writing, photography, clay sculpting, and designing my own tattoos. I'll even take a shot at writing music every now and then.
Though I realise I had the incredible opportunity of turning my dreams into my job, I also love spending my spare time traveling, enjoying music, and going out with friends.


Environment modeling & setdress

  • Maya
  • Blender
  • Mudbox
  • 3ds Max

I have a good eye for composition, and I’m able to translate modelsheets and a storyboard or animatic to a well-balanced 3D shot.


  • Maya
  • Blender
  • 3ds Max

It's a personal goal of mine to be able to recreate moods in 3D. I spend a lot of attention on presenting models in an aesthetically pleasing way, and I'm currently learning more about lighting in actual productions.

Character modeling

  • Maya
  • Blender
  • ZBrush
  • 3ds Max

I’m learning fast in terms of topology and how to make a character live its personality.


  • Yeti
  • Blender

I have a good understanding of Blender’s hair system, and I’m currently in the process of mastering Yeti for Maya.

Film editing

  • Final Cut Pro

I have a great passion for storytelling by means of visual media, and I have a strong interest in what makes an edit work.


  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP

I love automating repetitive tasks, and developing tools to aid artistic processes. I’m familiar with Maya’s Python APIs as well as Blender’s, and I can pick up new ones quickly.


  • Photoshop
  • Fusion



Lighting and compositing artist on Harvie and the Magic Museum at Grid

I came in on the project as a junior lighter, which basically meant getting used to a complex and very technical part of the pipeline. I applied correct lighting based on master shots, and fixed any technical glitches. I made sure the correct layers and passes were sent to the renderfarm, and performed quality checks to confirm the shots were ready for compositing.

VFX artist on Painted

A short film from up-and-coming director Laurens Van Der Veken, Painted offered me the opportunity to provide some fully CG shots and FX to integrate.

Environment modeler on Princess Emmy at Grid

Princess Emmy is a Studio 100 production. Though it's a 2D-animated feature, I assisted in modeling some of the 3D backgrounds that were textured and/or painted over at a later stage.

2016 - 2017

Environment modeler on Marnie's World at Grid

I was responsible for set and prop modeling, including low- and high-resolution models, sculpting, vegetation grooming, and setdress.

2015 - 2016

Environment modeler on Yo Yo at Grid

Yo Yo is an Italian TV show for young children. I briefly assisted in some environment modeling.


Environment modeler on Deep at Grid

I worked on Deep during the better part of 2015, sculpting/modeling props and building sets for both layout and the final movie. I came in as an intern and was then hired for the remainder of the production.


Summer course 3D modeling teacher at Howest

A few weeks before the start of each term, Digital Arts and Entertainment organises a Summer Course for the new first-years to get a bit of a head start in a few of the classes. Personally, I wrote this year's handbook for the 3D class, which I also taught, and I was assisting teacher for the Programming and Preproduction classes.


Web designer & developer at Webatvantage

Did a couple of small design projects for various organisations, occasionally including front-end development. This was my first internship and student job.


2011 - 2015


Digital Arts & Entertainment at Howest, Kortrijk
Major: 3D Production & VFX
I also taught modeling in the 2014 Summer Course and co-authored the textbook for it.

2008 - 2011


Graphics & Digital Media at Arteveldehogeschool, Ghent
Major: Multimedia Production, proDEV
I also served as Public Relations for the Gutenberg student society.

2002 - 2008

Secondary education

1998 - 2008

Part-time art education

Imaging arts at Academy of Fine Arts, Kontich